NANO AntiVirus

NANO AntiVirus

NANO AntiVirus – 7.4MB – Shareware –
NANO Antivirus is high-technology product which provides reliable protection of your computer from any kinds of malware as viruses, trojans, worms and other dangerous programs.

NANO Antivirus offers you the following advantages:

* Protection of your computer from any type of viruses, trojans and worms including their encrypted and polymorphous variations.
* Real-time protection of your system, that guarantees the safety of your information during your work time.
* The web-traffic scanner which promptly checks all downloaded files from Internet.
* Extended support of compacted files that allows to find malware in various types of archives.
* NANO Antivirus provides high speed scan by using of advanced technology.
* Detection of new types of malware through system behavior analysis.
* Timely update of the virus database to protect your computer from new viruses and malware.
* Multi-user mode.
* Easy-use interface with many settings.
* You can create periodical tasks for testing and update with your own settings.


NANO AntiVirus 是在由NANO AntiVirus開發類別 Miscellaneous Shareware 軟體。

它是由我們用戶端應用程式更新期間的最後一個月的使用者更新 31 次進行檢查。

最新版本是 NANO AntiVirus 的 2018/06/20 上釋放。 它最初被添加到我們的資料庫 2010/03/22 上。 最流行的版本是,100% 的所有安裝使用。

NANO AntiVirus 在下列作業系統上運行: Windows。 下載檔案的大小 7.4MB。

NANO AntiVirus 已不被評為由我們使用者尚未。

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31 使用者的更新已經安裝上個月的 NANO AntiVirus。

NANO AntiVirus